Dates are ready for sale...

You have to see to Believe!  

Plant Dates (Kajur) for future! 

You need not go to Dubai or Egypt to see a Date Tree with full of fruits.   

Come and see a mini Middle East like Date Farm at Thangavel Dates and enjoy the worlds finest Barhee Dates. 
Gift a fruiting Date Tree to your loved ones. 

Own a full grown Date Palm tree for your family. 

Fresh Honey Available. 

Visit Thangavel Date Plantation
Near Zilpi Lake,  Mohegaon,
10 kms from Hingna.
9822743228,  9923086994

Dates are ready for can come with your family and friends to buy and see them.  We are selling it for 300 per kilo,  if you order more than 10 kilos free home delivery is available.

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